Video transcription

Hi, are you a scarf expert? Well, I'm Wendi Braswell, I am, I'm a beauty and style expert, thanks for joining me. We're going to talk about a few techniques on how to tie a scarf. Techniques, well, there's many, I'm sure there's hundreds, I'm going to show you three basic that I like to use. That actually is practical, you can use them everyday. First, we're going to start with a very fashionable, just a printed, colored scarf. Light weight, pretty much you can wear year round and it's called the Loop. The most fashionable, pretty much all celebrities, if you see a photo, they have the loop on. Or, some of them call it the New York, because it originated in New York City, that urban city. So, first, we're going to take it in half, you're going to take the end that you've folded it over, and you're going to wrap it around your neck. As you can see, I have the loop on one side. As my hand's coming through, you're going take the ends with the fringe, you're going to loop it right through. Go ahead and pull your hair out. And this is called the loop. If you want to be extra extra Tres Chic, it's the New York, you've seen that many times. Another variation of this, is your can take the loop up, around your neck. And I like it angled to one side, it's an element of design with the body. Much more flattering and slimming, which we all want, right, ladies. O.k., that's one and two ways to wear the loop. The next thing, what we're going to talk about, is the bow. We kind of, got away from it, but in the past, women really liked bows around their neck. You're going to take it and you're just going to hang it around your neck, first of all. You're going to take it and loop it around. Angle it to the side again, much more flattering, and you're just going to tie a bow. We want to keep the bow small, we don't want it to outshine you, your view. So, this is called the bow, love that, cute, pretty. Great for business, great for underneath the suit, rocking out just need a little bit more color. So, we've done the loop, the bow, and now, I'm going to show you the Kelly. So, the Kelly's tres chic, originated, this is going to update, the scarf's going to update, because it's kind of like a Boho scarf. The Kelly is after Grace Kelly, you've seen it. She needs some big sunglasses now and you're simply going to wrap it around the head and tie it underneath, chic. Now, she just needs big sunglasses, which are really in, as well. So, there's three simple ways to tie a scarf. If you'd like more tips, you can find me at WendiBraswell.