Video transcription

My name is Casey Wire, PGA Professional. I'm going to give you some exercise tips for golf specifically for seniors, and the first thing that you're going to need is a golf club. First thing we're going to want to focus on is the lower body. Typically, the lower body, especially in the hips get really tight for the seniors. So, what we're going to do is a couple of things to loosen up the back and those hips. So first, we're going to sit down and we're going to sit on the edge of the chair. Legs are going to be out at about ninety degrees and what I want you to do is just try to keep your hips and knees facing straight away and as you sit there, I want you to stretch to one side. You're going to try to feel like you're making a full shoulder turn like it was a golf swing. You can see how I'm using the chair as leverage and using my leg as leverage to twist. You're going to do it to the same, to the other side; get a nice stretch there and you can keep going back and forth to those to loosen up a little bit with the lower back. Second thing you're going to do while you're sitting is then take your leg, put it up on your knee if you can and from here, we're going to apply a little bit of pressure on that knee. So, as we go down, you're going to feel some tightness on the outside of the hips especially and that's going to be really good for your day at golf if you can stretch that out. That knee should be somewhat level eventually if you can get it down there. And you're going to do that to both sides; again, pressing down and if you feel a lot of pain, if you feel pain, you want to kind of just back off and then hold that. You don't want to hold it if you're having a lot of pain there. So, now that you've stretched your back and the outside of your hips, I want you to stretch the front of your hips now. So, now we got, we're encapsulating the whole lower body area. So here, again, you can take a hold off of your golf, of your golf cart or you can get a golf club and hold it in front of your here. What I want you to do is step forward; your, your back leg is going to be straight; your front foot is going to be out in front of your knee. So, as we go forward, you're going to be able to feel a nice stretch on the front side of your hip. You'll notice that my upper body is staying upright and that gives me maximum stretch here. You're going to find at first, you won't be able to straighten the leg or straight up straight. But, I have been doing this for awhile, so, I can get a nice stretch. You'll notice my heel is down here and you're going to do that to both sides. Again, the foot out in front of the knee; the back heel is down and you just go forward, holding this, give you some balance and you'll stretch out the front of those hips too. And those are some golf exercises for senior.