Video transcription

My name is Brighton Roper, and I'm a licensed acupuncturist. We are at my clinic, which is called Utah Family Acupuncture and Herbs, and it's located in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. What we're going to talk about today is ear acupuncture for weight loss. The materials you need for ear acupuncture to lose weight are: ear needles, ear seeds or pellets, alcohol swabs and an ear probe. First, just start out just by swabbing the patient's ear with alcohol to make sure it's a clean surface to start with, and in Chinese medicine, the ear actually is a microsystem for the entire body. So, on the ear are points that represent every part of the body. So, for weight loss, we are going to use points, such as mouth, stomach and there's a point called Shen Men, which helps to calm the mind, which is usually important when people have problems losing weight. So, we put in the first point which is Shen Men. This is stomach. And the last point is mouth. So, during the treatment, the patient would have these points in both ears in addition to points on the body as well. A way to extend the effect of the treatment and have the patient help avoid cravings or whatever their weight loss issues might be are to use ear seeds or ear pellets and then the patient can stimulate them throughout the day if they're having a particularly difficult time. So, I'll be using the same points. In addition there's a hunger control points. So, just putting that point on again that relates to the stomach which of course relates to hunger and then this point, again, is the mouth. I will instruct the patient that they can stimulate these ear seeds throughout the day by taking their hand and just tapping gently to remind their body that they're trying to avoid cravings and remind them of their goal, which is weight loss.