Video transcription

My name is Karl Deutsch. I am a graphic designer, and this segment is on how to create a great flyer. Designing a great flyer depends on a lot of things. If you try to put too much information in a flyer, it gets a little bit daunting, and what you don't want to do is you don't want to scare away the viewer. The more text, the more images, the more colors, all the chaotic elements that can go on in a flyer tend to sort of scare people away. So, try to be very limiting as far as how much information you have, but you don't want to limit it so much that you're not going to, it's not going to be useful. So, you want to have enough information on there to grab the person's eye, give them what they need and call you with more questions. What I'm going to do here is I'm just going to place some images, I have them here on a hidden layer. I'm just going to go ahead and unhide those. So, I have some images, so these images convey, okay, this is sort of a home repair, gardening. There's a realtor, newspaper cover, so this, you know, your instant reaction when you see this would think okay this is for home repair. Then the next thing you need to do is include some sort of a headline. So, this particular flyer is for advertising in the service directory within the realtor newspaper. So, let's just include the text here, service directory, advertise your service to local realtors and again that information you can type this however you want or include whatever information you need. But this case, this will suffice. You kind of want the way you organize information to think about what do you want your reader to see first, second, third, fourth and so on, so the so on part of it being the note so important parts. So, the service directory, that's pretty important. You want people to know what this is and then advertise your service to local realtors. That's sort of the secondary, kind of okay what is the service directory and what is this flyer trying to tell me. And then the images I think grab people's attention generally speaking in todays economy, images speak a lot more than words do. People see what it is and then they move on if they're not interested or they keep reading. So, down here then, he would put maybe the advertising information here. You know how much, what the rates are, ad sizes, maybe include some little images here of what the ad sizes look like in relation to the page size. So, this would be advertising rates and maybe above the rates you might want to just include a little bit of information about either the publication or whatever it is you're trying to sell, advertise or promote. So, on the topic, okay and then advertising rates under that. Because advertising rates are important but again you don't want to scare people away right away with how much things cost. So you kind of want to ease into it a little bit. And then down here at the bottom is where you would put for more information contact us today. The key to all of this is hierarchy, what the most important thing is, the next most important, the next, the next, the next. So, you want to be sure to not bombard people with too much information and have everything the same size or people will get confused and don't know where their eyes should go. My name is Karl Deutsch. I'm a graphic designer, and that segment was on how to create a great flyer.