Video transcription

Hi I'm Tara Pollak, physical therapist at "Evolution Physical Therapy" here to teach you how to strap an ankle. Now you can use this kind of a tape job using KT Tape to either help support an ankle that's already been sprained or strained or to help prevent ankle sprains. Either way this tape job is universal and works very well to help strap and support and ankle. What you'll need is three I strips of KT Tape. I'm going to start by taping Shonte's ankle with her foot in dorsiflexion or the toe up posture. I'm going to take the first I strip, go ahead and peel some of the backing off, putting it on the inside or the medial part of the ankle, peeling off some of the backing so I can hold the opposite end and will full tension, 100 percent of the tension pulled away, I'm coming around the heel and then working my way up to the lateral part of the ankle leaving no tension at the end and then patting the tape down so that it sticks and warms up the adhesive to stay. So that's the first piece. The second piece, peel the backing off. We're going to start on the outside or the lateral part of the ankle, placing it down, rubbing it to stick, peeling away the backing, holding it down with just about 50 percent of the tension taken away in the tape, we're going posterior around the heel, coming around the inside under the arch, making sure you don't have any wrinkles in the tape and then coming all the way up to the top of the foot. Now we're going to mirror that same thing on the other side so this time as I peel the backing off, I'm going to start inside the ankle or on the medial part, tack down that base of the tape, peeling the backing away and again just with about 50 percent of the tension taken out of the tape, coming around under the arch of the foot and then up over the top of the forefoot. Again always having no tension at the end of the tape. Once you're all done, give everything a rub, feels good, as well as helps to make the tape stick a little bit better and usually this tape job will last at least through one sporting event, a jog, a swim. It's waterproof so it shouldn't come off. It's also sweatproof. I'm Tara and that's how you strap an ankle.