Video transcription

Hi, do you want to look like a wealthy woman? Do you want to cheat a little bit? I'll show you today style tips to do that. I'm Wendi Braswell, the style expert. I'm here today to show you how to dress like a wealthy woman without really spending all the money. Let's start with basics. First of all, you have to have quality pieces. Spend a little bit more on your garments, and you will look wealthy. Let's start with a basic black pant. There's nothing more traditional, nothing that doesn't show wealth in a good pair of lined, black slacks. I also paired it with a cardigan. Love it. With a little fur, doesn't she look like she's wealthy? We're kind of cheating that here. Now, wealthy people tend to go classic, and tend to lean toward classic pieces. So, that's why accessorize with the pearls. Love it, it's never dated. You look like you're not trying too hard, but you have money. You look like you have quality, you're not trendy, you're not concerned with the trends, but you're classic, and look like you have money. Also, notice the color palate: Black, and camel, which are neutral colors. They look rich. They show wealth. I paired it with the diamond studs, we don't know if they're real or not, do we? Then, I'm going to add a bag. You want a nice, quality handbag, ladies. Lets put this on. That tops it off. Throw a little scarf on for a pop of color. You're a wealthy woman. Thanks for watching. If you want some more info or tips, you can find me on the web at