Video transcription

Hi, I'm J.J. Virgin, celebrity nutrition and fitness expert with, and I'm here today to talk to you about natural ways to lower blood pressure. Now, if you have high blood pressure this can happen because of genetics but more likely or at least in combination with some poor lifestyle choices and that's great news because that means how you life, how you eat, even how you think can dramatically impact your blood pressure and improve things. So one of the first things I'm going to tell you to do is stop stressing out because stress can have a dramatic impact on your blood pressure and I know probably easier said than done but one of the things you can do there is manage your self talk and build in a little bliss daily. Another important thing to lower your blood pressure is to get moving. Physical activity every single day can lower blood pressure. There's a specific diet called "The Dash Diet" that's been found to lower blood pressure and the important components there are upping your fruits and vegetables, especially those vegetables, lowering your sodium content. You want that salt intake to below 1,500 mgs. a day and incorporating clean lean protein especially fish and some healthy choices for fats which means olive oil and raw nuts and seeds and interestingly enough, a study done on olive oil in blood pressure found that people who incorporated two to four tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in a day cut their blood pressure medication needs in half. That's amazing. Another important thing that you'll want to do is lower your carbohydrates, especially the glycemic index of them or the overall sugar intake that you have. Because when you eat higher refined carbohydrates and sugar, you raise insulin and this in turn can impact your blood pressure. Now, a couple other things, watch how much you drink. One to two glasses of wine a day can help your heart but more than that, can cause problems and of course, do not smoke. And if you're following all this advice, a natural byproduct is going to be that you lose weight and as you know, losing weight, of course will lower your blood pressure too. I'm J.J. Virgin, and those are some natural ways to lower your blood pressure.