Video transcription

Hi, I'm Doctor Lisa Benest, dermatologist in Los Angeles, California, and today I want to talk to you about how to reduce dark circles under the eyes. Dark circles can form for several reasons. The first being hereditary. Some people inherit the tendency to have darkness there, and in those instances, it's quite difficult to really eradicate the darkness. They can also form from allergies. A person who has a lot of seasonal allergies might be rubbing their eyes a lot and this friction can create darkness in the skin. Dark circles can also appear because as we get older, some of the plumpness of the cheek and under eye area diminishes, causing a little bit of hollowing, and the hollowing castes a shadow on the skin that makes it look dark, even though the skin itself isn't dark. Some people have very thin skin around the area, and we see the blood vessels there also giving the illusion of darkness on the skin. Various ways we can use to treat dark circles under the eyes would include creams such as bleach creams, which can help lift the pigment on the skin, and vitamin K creams and green tea creams, which can help improve the circulation. Oftentimes there's a circulation issue around the eyes where the blood is congestion in this area and causing the blood cells to leak the iron pigment into the skin. And for that, you can do acupuncture points. You can apply this to yourself to help improve the circulation. These points would include pressing above the eyes firmly and holding it for about ten seconds, and gradually working your way around the eye until you get to the bridge of the nose where their eyeglasses might sit. Doing this several times a day will improve the circulation and help prevent the blood from pigmenting the skin. For people with hollowing under the eyes, we typically use a gel calls Restylane. What this does, is it fills up the hollow area, plumps up the skin to where it was when you were more youthful, and it reduces any shadows that might be cast by the light. Thank you for watching. I'm Doctor Lisa Benest, dermatologist in Los Angeles, California, and these are ways you can reduce dark circles under the eyes.