Video transcription

Hi, I'm Kristen Smith-Hilton, global fashion stylist and beauty expert, also the President and Creative Director of Novella Style Group. One of the many questions that I get from my female clients is once I have my favorite new pair of high heels on, how do I make sure that my foot is in there correctly? Well, once you have the shoe on, it's very important to do a lot of flexing in order to put your foot as evenly throughout the shoe, and the weight should be distributed evenly. If at that point you feel any slipping or movement in the shoe, it's important to have your survival kit. A survival kit is going to consist of several different inserts. One is for the ball of your foot, one is for the back of the shoe, and one is a thin strap that can be put on a sling back, or even a crisscross. So, if there is any pinching or any blistering that could happen, you prevented it and when all else fails, always keep a Band-Aid on hand. It doesn't matter if it's one that you took from your child or you've actually got them for yourself. Just keep them on hand and you will be ready to go. Another thing that's very important is being able to have the ability to walk, turn, bend, swivel. If you can do all of that by practicing, that is going to make it the most comfortable. My favorite place to take a new pair of heels to make sure that they are positioned correctly is the supermarket. Where else will you find aisles and aisles of runway and something to hold on to while you make sure that the shoe is fitting properly. That will help you to adjust them the way that you need to before taking a night out on the town. I'm Kristen Smith-Hilton with tips on how to wear high heels and position them correctly.