Video transcription

Hi, I'm Johnny Miles, Head Golf Professional at the Lake Powell National Golf Course in Page, Arizona. I'm going to talk to you about improving your golf swing mechanics. First thing, keep it simple. Unclog your mind. You don't have to think about ten different things when you swing a golf club. In fact, a great player rarely thinks of two. And, when you get in the zone as they call it, you really don't think of any mechanics. But, you have to unclog your mind. There are only two parts of the golf swing. There's the backswing and there's the forward swing. Just like that. The backswing is relatively simple. You take your grip, you take your setup and the hands in the club, start the backswing together and you just swing it behind your shoulders. I just completed half the golf swing and all I had to think about is something relatively simple. If you think about five different things to get it right here, I hate to tell you, you're not going to be thinking about swinging the club, but your target; you're not going to play very well. You better stay on the driving range and practice in off a lot. But, it's very simple. The hands in the club started back, you swing it behind your shoulders. On the forward swing, you take your arms and you swing the club at your target. So, it's, it's relatively simple. The hands in the club started back, goes behind your shoulders, your arms swing the club at the target. Unclog your mind. Now, great PGA teacher might go out there and give you few hot tips to improve parts of it and we're going to talk about that some other segments. But, as far as mechanics, keep it simple. Learn one solid response because the golf swing isn't the hard part. It's all those mental obstacles you have to overcome on a golf course. See, on this driving range, we don't have a pond on the right, not a bounce on the left and four bunkers around the green. And I definitely don't have 50 people sitting here watching me tee off. So, there's all these distractions and that's the hard part of the game, learning how to overcome them and if you don't keep the golf swing simple, hey, the other parts, they're going to be really tough. So, keep it simple and I'll see you on the golf course. I'm Johnny Miles.