Video transcription

Hey my name is Shann Christen. I'm here with Salon Republic, and we're going to do a high ponytail. For starters, always choose the right tool. You're never, you're just as good as your tool that you choose. Comb through the hair. We're going to choose our front. We want to make sure that we have predetermined what kind of front we would like to have. Would we like to have a center part or an off center part? We're going to go slightly off center and we're going to comb the hair in that direction to gain control. When working with hair, a little product, a little Palm Aid or a little wax in the hands for control is always helpful, starting mid shaft you can apply a little of the product that's on your hands, just for control. I don't see too much need to put product on the scalp. Okay, so we're going to take our brush. For a high ponytail, we're going to brush from the underneath side upward and always finish through the hair. We're going to pull that up and slowly work that hair upward, always finishing all the way through the hair. You don't want to stop brushing here and then take out the brush because you'll start to create knots and things and tangles so it's important that you always follow through the hair. We're going to again then get our band. Putting our band in I'm going to grab the hair here. We're going to do it, twist it, twist it around. We're going to pull it through again and we're going to do it one more time. Again, for a high ponytail, we're going to split the hair out into two sections and give it a little tug to pull it just a little bit tighter. And there is a nice high ponytail. I'm Shann Christen, and that was a high ponytail.