Video transcription

Hi, my name is Mark Newman-Kuzel. I'm President/CEO of Maid in the U.S.A., and today I am going to teach you how to clean a black refrigerator. You'll need 3 materials. A soft yellow sponge, never use the scruffy reverse under any circumstances. A black or dark rag, because if it lints up, it's not going to show on the black, black material here. And my favorite glass cleaner product for the past 20 years, Cinch. It works awesome on many things. What you are going to want to do is spray the top. Luckily I am 6 foot 1, so I can get all the way to the back without a step stool. For those not fortunate enough to have my height, you'll need a step stool. So there's a lot of dust on there so we are going to walk over to the sink. Run some warm water on there. And we'll repeat the process up top. You can do that at a later time and day. I'm going to take my Cinch glass cleaner, go back and forth with the product. Up and down. Never swirl motions. Just kind of toss that over there cause you are going to rinse that off later. And take your black rag for a finish. That way if there is any lint on there it's not going to show. And it's going to dry, it's streaking a little bit but it will dry in a nice glean in a moment. And that's how you clean a black refrigerator. My name is Mark Newman-Kunzel of Maid in the USA.