Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jodi Grundig from, and today I'd like to talk about making a baby shower basket that you can give as a gift. To create the perfect baby shower gift, what you want to do is, actually get a nice basket. And you probably want to get a good size basket, that'll hold everything and make sure that it doesn't have too much excess space. And what you want to purchase is, actually some items of different heights, as I have here, to make the basket actually look nice. But also, you want to get things that perhaps, the mom, the new mom and the new dad, they may not already have, things that they're going to need for their baby. And so, some of the things that I have put together here. For a mom that's going to breast feed, this is a breast feeding care gift set, which is a great idea. Every baby needs something like this, that you can put in a stroller and this is nice and colorful, it kind of, gives some color to your basket. These are some little , that I thought are adorable, they're organic cotton and they kind of, add color to the set. And then, these are more essential type items, this is sanitizing spray, perfect for a diaper bag, as well as sanitizing wipes. And then, bath products, which of course, are things that new moms always need. And then, this is a little Lovie that is nice and soft, for the baby. So to organize your basket, first, you want to find something to with color, to put in the front, and I have the little Lovie, right here. And then, you want to start with some higher items in the back. So, I've got this kit that actually is large, the bath treatment and the socks are also large. And then, you want to move on to some of the other items. This bath lotion can go in the front and these can just go along the front, also. And then, to add some color, you might want to just kind of, throw these in the middle. You know, just find a nice way for them to add some color to the basket. And this basket is pretty much full, you could probably throw in a few more things, along the side. This is a great gift for any new mom and dad, it's got essentials that they'll need. And they probably won't get from people who are buying some of the larger gifts. And you know that everything that's in here will be used, which is really great for a gift. And so, I would definitely recommend kind of, putting together a basket, for a gift.