Video transcription

Hi everyone, my name is Nicole Nassief from The Wedding League in Los Angeles, California and today, I'm going to be talking about 50th birthday party decor ideas. One of my favorite ones to do and you can really only do this with someone who has a good sense of humor and doesn't take themselves too seriously; but have an over the hill 50th birthday party. So, the decor for this, you would want to have colors like blacks and purples and get like you know, fun little things like tombstones and ravens and maybe streamers hanging. And even maybe you can hire someone to be a grim reaper or have a little statue of her in the corner. So, definitely that could be a lot of fun. Or, you could do a casino night which is also a lot of fun. There's also companies that you can rent actual tables from and you can get dealers to play the game. You can even go as far as getting slot machines and having fake money. So, this is a lot of fun. Think when you're decorating this party to do like reds and golds. Think Vegas; so, bright lights, you know, shiny objects, that kind of stuff; green for money. So, that's another one. One other one is do a karaoke night. So, if you have the equipment here in your house, you can do that and really just come up with any kind of fun, fun theme there like maybe disco ball, think you know, American Idol type stuff with maybe lights and things. It could be a lot of cool, cool things to do. Another really fun idea to do for your 50th birthday party is to actually throw a 50s party where you can have people dress up in 50s attire. So, maybe the guys have white t-shirts, you know, with the rolled sleeves and the cigarettes while the girls are wearing poodle skirts and pony tails. What you could do is you can get black linens with like bright pink, even polka-dotted napkins which are really nice and then, sprinkle the tables with either like scarves that you see a lot in girls hair and around their necks in, from the 50s; fun, funky sunglasses, those can also double as favors. So, that's another really cool idea. And, maybe you can even throw on a surprise by hiring a Elvis impersonator to come in sing and do stuff like that. So, that's another one. Going along with the 50s scene, you can do a 50's diner where you're serving shakes and hamburgers and chili and, and banana splits and things like that. So, that could be a lot of fun. You can even you know, get uncle out or dress up as the, the cook and maybe ask Aunt Sally over here to dress up as the, as the one of waitresses to take your orders. So, those are just some really good fun ideas to get you thinking about outside the box instead of just having a generic 50th birthday party. So, thank you so much for watching this video. My name is Nicole Nassief from The Wedding League and this has been 50th birthday party decor ideas.