Video transcription

So, how do you do a belly roll in belly dancing? Hi, this is Johanna Krynytzky from Hip Expressions Belly Dance Studio here in St. Petersburg, Florida, working with you on your belly rolls. For this, you are going to need a private space to yourself, some inspirational music, and a mirror is always helpful. So, let's start with our feet together, knees slightly bent, belly pulled in, chest lifted, shoulders back and down, and arms just relaxed by our sides. Now, to work on your belly roll, it's important to understand what an undulation is, because an undulation is a belly roll using the skeleton, just as a belly roll is an undulation just using your muscles. So, we're going to start by lifting the chest, lifting up from the inside, and also using your back muscles. And then, as we pull back into center, it's like you're doing a crunch, right? So, crunching back to center, feeling the upper abdominals pulling in. There's the first step in our belly roll and our undulation, is crunching that in, okay? As you crunch that in, let the bottom part stick out and relax, alright? So, you want to have this sort of a look. It's not attractive, but it's the way to get to your belly roll. Lift, pull in, press out those low abs. Good. And then, we're going to pull those low abs in. So, now everything is in nice and tight. Lift the chest again. Pull the upper abs in. Let the lower abs relaxed, and then pull the lower abs in. So, as you go on, make it a little more fluid. Pull, pull. Lift, pull, pull out, press out, pull. Lift, pull, pull. Good. And, smooth it out. And then, as you go, make the chest lift a little bit smaller, and smaller, until you don't really need the feeling of lifting the chest in order to get the pressing in with the upper abdominals. So, we're pulling in, and pulling in. Another useful exercise is to place one hand on your lower abs, one hand on the upper abs, and then let both release, and then pull in the top abs, and then pull in the bottom abs. And, you release the top, and release the bottom. Pull in the top, and the bottom, and release the top, and release the bottom. And, that way you're going to learn to isolate the upper and lower abs in order to get a nice, smooth, belly roll. And then, of course, you can practice that same thing in reverse, pressing out the low abs, top abs, pull in the low abs, and the top abs, to get reverse belly roll. This is Johanna Krynytzky, coming to you from Hip Expressions Belly Dance Studio in St. Petersburg, Florida, working with you on your belly rolls.