Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang. I'm a math expert in St. Petersburg, Florida. And we are here to calculate angles and degrees using tangent. Now, the materials that you'll need for this particular exercise is a pen, a piece of paper and a calculator. Whether it be scientific or graphing. Now, in our example we are going to use a graphing calculator but it will work just as well with a scientific one. So, now suppose I wanted to find out tangent of what angle and degrees is = to let's just say, 0.75. Now, in any calculator what you have to be sure of is using a graphing calculator as an illustration is under mode be sure that it's in degree mode. Now, in my illustration you see that it is but if your calculator is not scroll down to degrees and press enter which is at the bottom of your calculator. And it will be in degree form and then just press clear to go back to the main screen. Now, we are going to use a little bit of algebra and before entering the rest in the calculator. Now, what you need to do is you need to apply tangent inverts on both sides. Remember in algebra what you do to one side you have to do to the other side. Now, what happens here is that the tangent inverse and the tangent will cancel each other out and you'll have x is = to tangent inverse of 0.75. Now, on the calculator there's one function that you really want to be aware of. It's this tan inverse button. Now, on the graphing calculator notice that it's blue. That means that you have to press the second which is also in blue button before you can enter anything else. So, what we are going to do is on the calculator we are going to enter this exactly to the T. tan inverse of 0.75. So, we are going to press the second button and then the tan button and then notice the parenthesis giving to you right away, 0.75. And we are going to close the parenthesis and then we are going to press enter which is at the bottom of the calculator. And you will see that it's going to give you a decimal answer and we are going to round to 2 decimal places, x is = to 36.87 degrees. Now, if you want to lets just say another example. Tangent of y is = to -0.1 do the same thing. Apply the tangent inverse on both sides and we are going to do the same exercise as before. The tangent inverse and the tan will cancel each other out. You'll have y is = to tan inverse of -0.1. Again we are going to use the calculator in the exact same way. Second tan inverse and then -0.1 and you'll see the answer as y is = to -5.71. We are going to round to the 2 decimal places and that's going to be the answer. So there are a couple of examples and there are many more that you can practice with but I'm Jimmy Chang and that's how you calculate angles using degrees and tangents.