Video transcription

HI, I'm Jene with Jene's Tropicals in St. Petersburg, Florida. Today, we're going to discuss how to prune plum trees. To properly prune plum trees, you just need a few materials. You'll need either Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol or even diluted bleach to sterilize your pruners. You'll need a sharp pair of pruners and a stake and a tie tape to stake the tree properly. First of all, this is a very young golf rose plum; it's for, adapted for Florida. First thing you need to do is stake your little tree just to make sure it's nice and sturdy. And basically, this will be the plum trees first cut before you put it in the ground. You want to find your, your terminal growth and actually it happens to be this branch. So, we'll just stake it up quickly. As a rule of thumb for a young tree, you want your, your leader to be eight inches above your other branches. So, we'll just, just about quarter of an inch above a node or bud and cut. And this will ensure that when this little branch pops out, it grows upward. The lower branches should all be the same height and again, come in just above a node at an angle. Because you want to direct your growth upward like an umbrella and you want the air to flow freely; you need good air circulation, this cuts down on disease. Any dead wood, anything dead and decaying, take it off so your tree is nice and clean. Here we have the framework of your plum tree. I'm Jene, have a great day.