Video transcription

Hi, I'm Josh Muramoto. I'm a tennis instructor here in the Salt Lake Valley, and today we'll be talking about forehand topspin, and for that you will need a tennis racket, a tennis court and some tennis balls. Trying to get topspin on your forehand is difficult for most players because they just want to swing at the ball and hope it goes in somehow. But, the more topspin you get, the more you'll be able to get that shot up and into the court, and even though it might look like it will go long, all that topspin that you get on your ball will make the ball move a little quicker into the court. And how to do that is you want to make sure that you're getting up and under the ball, so that you're brushing up and under the ball. You know go out and practice a few swings. You are not swinging straight to the ball, you're just trying to work on getting up and under the ball. Let me show you a few. You know, if you go out to a practice wall, hit against the practice wall, that will help you out. After this I'll show you a few drills you can do with a partner. But, you know, the main idea is just trying to get, brush your racket up and under the ball like this. See, when you get brushing up and under the ball, it will get the topspin to get the ball up and over the net, and more likely the chance that the ball will bounce inside the court. One practice drill I like to use to work on your topspin is if you have a partner to work with you, get a few balls and you're both going to be trying to hit inside the service line right here. So, you'll have your partner over there on his service side, and you'll be standing here, and the idea is just to rally back and forth from here, and that will help you work on your topspin so you can make sure you are getting it up and over the net and to your partner so he can bounce it back to you the same way. Like I said, remember, you're not going at it, you're just trying to work on brushing up and under the ball just like that, and you and your partner will be rallying from the service line and not from the baseline, so that way you can practice brushing up on the ball. Remember, you're not hitting hard, just work on getting up and under the ball. I'm Josh Muramoto, and we just talked about forehand topspin.