Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tricia Trinque, and I'm a physical therapist with Seabreeze Physical Therapy, and today we'll be talking about how to heal a bulging disc. You will need the following materials: A treatment table, or your floor, or a good solid, stable support bed. What we're going to do today is an exercise to stabilize the lumbar spine, following a bulging disc. We're going to start by having Michelle just relax her pelvis down, and then the exercise to help with reversing a bulging disc is to tighten her stomach muscles by bringing her belly button to her spine, tucking her hips underneath slightly, to stabilize and strengthen the muscles of the lumbar spine, and add support and stability to the area. Hold for a count of five, and then relax again, and coming up, there we go. Tightening those abdominal muscles, holding, and then relaxing. And up again, trying to strengthen those core back and abdominal muscles for reduction of a bulging disc. Again, my name is Tricia Trinque, and I'm a physical therapist at Seabreeze Physical Therapy, and this exercise that we've just discussed should not cause any pain or discomfort. Should you experience pain or discomfort, please contact your physical therapist or physician for further evaluation.