Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tricia Trinque and I'm a physical therapist at Seabreeze Physical Therapy. And today we'll be talking about how to treat a torn tendon in the shoulder. You will need the following materials: a belt or a sling in order to stabilize the shoulder, in addition to an ice pack. In order to treat the torn tendon in the shoulder we want to allow the shoulder join to rest so that gravity is not pulling down on the shoulder further causing injury to the shoulder area. So if we don't have a sling, we can substitute with a belt or a scarf and we can place the belt or the scarf around the patient's neck and then up underneath of the shoulder area. We can tie the belt so that we have good support. This enables the shoulder joint to rest and heal, further preventing any pain or injury to the shoulder area. In order to keep the shoulder from being further injured and to decrease the inflammation we also want to place an ice pack over the shoulder area several times through the day, leaving on for ten to fifteen minutes for reduction of pain and inflammation enabling the shoulder joint to heal. Again, I'm Tricia Trinque from Seabreeze Physical Therapy, and today we've talked about how to treat a torn shoulder utilizing a sling and an ice pack and rest.