Video transcription

Hello my name is Dr. James Talbott from Belle Forest Animal Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee and here's how to identify ringworm on a dog. Here's what you're going to need, knowledge of what ringworm is, a black light or UV light is helpful. Ringworm is a misnomer. It is actually not a worm at all. It is a fungus that grows within the skin and the hair follicles and so the reason it got its name is because it usually is a red raised ring that looks like a worm is underneath the skin and so, therefore, that's where it got its name and its misnomer. So first of all knowing that's a fungus is helpful and what it does is it basically causes inflammation which allows the hair follicles to release their hair causing hair loss. So there's a red ring of hair loss in that area. Certain types of ringworm funguses can fluoresce under black light or UV light and so hair follicles that have the fungus in it will be a bright green fluorescing appearance under those types of lighting. Now important things to note is not every ringworm species does fluoresce and so you need to get a culture from your veterinarian which they can do to identify if this is ringworm. A lot of skin infections and allergies are misdiagnosed by people at home thinking that those things are ringworms. So have your veterinarian diagnose that. Also, I want you to know that ringworm is transmissible to humans and so if you have an area on yourself you need to contact your doctor or your dermatologist to find out what that is. And those are some helpful hints on how to identify ringworm in dogs.