Video transcription

Hi there. I'm Noel Garcia and I'm a piercer from In this clip we are going to show you how to put in a nostril screw. You want piercing jewelry, saline, Q-tip. Always some kind of lubrication, okay in here and in your nose in and out just to keep it lubricated, that way it will go in easier and you don't hurt yourself. Very simple, just look, find the hole, okay and you pretty much, it's like a screw. You just screw it in just like that and it's done, okay. You can go ahead and clean the excess of the hole lubrication you have finished using. Always hands have to be clean, okay like I just, my hands are clean and that's about it. And you did it safely. You didn't hurt yourself. If you cannot do it the first few times, have your piercer tissue or have someone in front of you that is knowledgeable to just put it in for you, that way you get the idea of how everything goes. This has been Noel Garcia. Thank you for watching.