Video transcription

I'm Joe Pauly, and I love sports and I love to eat. I spent the last two decades perfecting my game day munchies. They're simple, good and manly. The big game's coming up, so what do you like? If you're like me, I'm a buffalo guy. I like buffalo-style chicken wings. When my friends come over, that's the one thing they want; is buffalo-style wings. Now, we're not going to cook the original ones. We've got a little quicker style. We're going to call these buffalo quick-style chicken wings. Let's get started. This is what you'll need: some Cajun seasoning, some cayenne and some garlic. Then, we're also going to need a pound of pre-cooked chicken wings and a plate to cook them on. We're going to add a generous supply of our seasoning. This is, of course, our Cajun. Now, we're going to add a little bit of cayenne; very tasty. And, of course, a little garlic; like so. Then, we're going to get in here; we're going to mix this bad boy all up, and get this all in there so it gets on every chicken wing. Let's dump these wings out here, separate them a little bit so they're not one on top of each other; you've got a little separation. Well, I'll tell you what; my friends like a little more seasoning, so I'm going to put a little more cayenne on there. There we go; that'll be great. Our wings are all seasoned. Let's put them in the oven; 400 degrees, preheated for about 15 minutes. Now's the perfect time to make our buffalo wing sauce. First, 1 1/2 cups of our hot sauce; now we add 1 1/2 tablespoons of our Cajun seasoning. Alright, 3/4 tablespoons of our garlic powder and our stick of butter that's somewhat melted; we're going to dump that right in there. Now, our 1 cup of sweet Asian chili sauce; our 1 tablespoon of soy sauce. We're going to take our whisk broom here, our whisker; and we're just going to start stirring this bad boy right up here, getting everything all mixed together. As long as you've got the butter all mixed in there, so that you don't see any big lumps, you are good to go. And, this will be a great sauce for your buffalo chicken wings; and that looks great. We've taken them out of the oven. They look crispy and gorgeous. We're going to put them right into the buffalo wing sauce right now; let them get all slathered up. And, we'll make sure that they're all covered. Alright, once you've got them covered, you plate them up; you put them with a little celery, a little bleu cheese, and you've got some great tasting wings.