Video transcription

Hello. My name is Jacklyn Laflamme, and I'm a professional artist with In this clip, I'm going to show you how to do abstract acrylic painting techniques. You will need a rag. You will need a canvas. You will need a variety of different brushes. You will need paint. In abstract painting, there are many different things that you can do. There is really no right or wrong. You just really want to have fun with it, so what I like to do sometimes when I'm painting is just take the tube, and just pour out the paint in fun little shapes, and that's a great technique. Now you can just leave the paint like this to dry. You can even take your finger and run it through the paint and see what kind of effects that you get. And don't be afraid to mix different colors together. You can just pour some other colors and just start playing with it, and try the different techniques. You see how these two colors are blending together? And this is something that you can just totally totally experiment with and develop your own style. This is Jacklyn Laflamme. Thank you for watching.