Video transcription

Hi, this is Tim from Camas Bike and Sport here in Camas, Washington, and today we're going to talk about inflating a road bike tire. The materials we'll need for this is a good quality pump, and if you have a presser valve and you don't have an adapter, then you can get an adapter and then use a standard car pump. Keep in mind, if you go to the gas station, you use the gas station pump, they do move a large volume of air in a very short time, so it's really easy to over inflate your tire. So, you also want to make sure you use a good gauge, and gauge the air, and make sure you get the proper rating. Many road bike tires take very high pressure, so you want to be careful and make sure you follow the manufacturer's recommendations, and they can always be found on the side of the tire printed somewhere, as we're going to look for this one. It's right here. So, our pressure range is anywhere from a hundred and fifteen to a hundred and twenty-five PSI. So, grab my trusty floor pump here, and this is a presto valve, so what you want to do is unscrew this valve, like this. Give it a tap, sometimes they got locked just from being closed for so long. And with this smart head pump, all I have to do is put the pump on, and throw this lever, and it locks it on there. And now I'm ready to inflate. So, I just start inflating here. Pump this guy up. Once I've gotten it up to the pressure that I want, then I'm going to pull the pump off, and check and make sure that my valve is closed. So, I'm going to take the pump off. There's always going to be air in the hose, so when you hear that pop, don't think it's your tire. And now we're just going to close that valve. Give it a spin and make sure that the tire is seated correctly in the rim. Which it is, it's nice and smooth, and then we'll just adjust the air pressure. At least once a week you want to check it. Just naturally, the air is going to seep out. And the higher the pressure in the road bike tire, the faster it will seep out. Usually with other mountain bike tires, you should only check them about once every couple weeks. But with road bike tires, you want to check them at least once a week. I usually do before every ride, just to make sure. I'm Tim, and that's how to inflate a road bike tire.