Video transcription

Hi, this is Tim from Camas Bike and Sport, here in Camas, Washington, and today I'm going to talk about how to raise handlebars on a bicycle. Here we have a number of bicycles. There are two types of handlebars, stems, to be used to raise the handlebars. First type is called a threadless system, where it's a threadless stem, and the only real option you have is to be able to flip the stem over and install it upside down or right side up, because they're multi-directional, to raise or lower the handlebars. And in any other case, you would have to replace this with a different angled stem, or a longer or shorter stem, depending on where you want the handlebars to be. All other bikes use a quill style system like this one here, which the stem actually slides in and out of the bicycle to raise or lower the handlebars. However, with this system, you can only raise them so high as they are marked clearly on the stem. if you raise them any higher than that, then they'll be unsafe, and they tend to just want to come right out of the bicycle unexpectedly. And it's an unsafe way to go, so just keep in mind that line. Also, with this stem system, you can get a longer or shorter stem to fit both this way, and this way to get the handlebars in the right position as well. Make sure that you get also the right diameter for your steer tube, that it slides onto. These are one and an eighth, so is this one. Over styles are one inch, and they are not cross compatible, so make sure that you get the right size. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact your local bike shop, and they can assist you on any compatibility issues you may be having. With these spacers, you can install the stem and spacers in any combination to get the stem height just right. As you can see here, they didn't want the stem all the way up, so they installed two spacers on top and the rest below. And this will work as long as you have compression on your headset, and everything, the stem is installed correctly. I'm Tim, and that's how to raise handlebars on a bicycle.