Video transcription

Hello my name is Olive Page and we're going to talk about how to register your own clothing line. Registering your own clothing line is kind of a difficult thing but if you have passion for the industry and you have the right tools it's something that you can certainly do. The materials you are going to need here are going to be a computer, all the information about your business and folders to keep everything organized and of course, pen and paper to write everything down with. Now the first step you want to do is decide on your business name and the business structure you want to have and really start making everything legal. So that includes taking your name, going into a search engine to find the URL, see if the name is available. From there you want to get the name trademarked. As far as your business goes you want to decide on your business structure. You are going to need to register it. Also through the City Clerk's Office. All these things can be done through a great resource like which is the Small Business Administration. If you go there you can cover all the legalities that you need to do. So registering your own clothing is pretty in depth but with these tools you can do it from start to finish.