Video transcription

Hello my name is Jacklyn Laflamme and I'm a professional artist with In this clip, I'm going to show you some splatter paint techniques. You'll need a cup of water. You will need a canvas. You will need a variety of different brushes. You will need a toothbrush. You will need paint. We're going to start off with a toothbrush. We're going to take our toothbrush and dip it into some paint. Once we have the paint on the toothbrush you can actually take another paint brush and just rub it on the brush like this and as you can see, the paint is splattering all over. And you can get different grades of splatter. See, you have some big dots and some small dots. Once you practice you can start to control about how, what, how big the dots actually are and how big the splatter is. Another technique you can use to do splatter painting is to use just a regular paintbrush, and you want to dip it in water and you will also do the same thing. You can take your finger and you can just see how I'm flicking it off the brush and it just flickers right on to the canvas and gives a nice cool effect of all the little dots and then you can just switch back and forth and use different colors and again using your finger just to splatter. Just like so. And you can try with different kinds of brushes. You might want to get bigger splatters. You can always experiment with bigger brushes and you might get bigger splatters. Another thing you could do is just go like this, just kind of flick the brush and you get the splatters down. I recommend having something all around your canvas because it's really hard to control the paint landing just on the canvas. And that's a little bit about splatter painting.