Video transcription

I'm Dr. Jace King, and this is Austin Zimmerman, and we're here at the Washington Family Veterinary Clinic. Today, we're going to talk a little bit about how to get rid of cat odor in your house. First and foremost, if you have cat odor in your house, whether it be if it is your house and you have now acquired odor, first of all, the first step is to find out where that odor is coming from. What is the problem of why is your cat urinating outside of the litter box? So, that's the first and foremost important thing, so you are not constantly fighting an odor and remembering that cats are territorial, they do mark and so there is times that you will find your cat marking, and then that's more of a territorial, but making sure it's not a habit. So, there is many products out there that, if you do move into a home that has a cat odor, or if you have had cat odor problems in the past, there is multiple products out there that you can do, you can use. You want to look for a neutralizer. You want to look for something that will actually neutralize the smell. A lot of over-the-counter products are just to cover up the smell, but you want to look for something that will actually neutralize that smell, because what will happen is if you get other pets into the house, if that odor is still there, they will smell that smell and they'll feel like they need to mark over the top of it, so then you are going to be having a battle of just fighting who marked where. A neutralizing product will bind to the urine odor and actually neutralizes that odor so that it doesn't express that odor, but it actually neutralizes it so you don't have a smell, and then sometimes you have to use an actual, some type of product that will actually give you some smell back instead of a urine smell. So, there is different products out there that you can actually use, not only for your animal, but as well as your laundry, as well as your house to put in a spray bottle to spray in the areas, other options is, if it's on your carpet, is to get a professional cleaner to clean your carpets and get as much odor as possible, but remembering that neutralization is probably the most important to see if you can neutralize that smell, and then using other odor products, sprays, whatever it takes in order to get a different smell in that house. But, those are a few things, mainly, that probably the most important things are to one, remember, find out where the smell is coming from, two, fix that problem, three, neutralize the smell and then four, actually maybe applying some type of product that actually will eliminate any other smell after the neutralization is done with. And those are a few things that we would recommend you doing.