Video transcription

Hi, my name is Chris Noble. I'm an independent IT consultant. My website is You're watching a short video on troubleshooting printer cartridges. There can be many reasons for problems with your printer ink cartridges. Now, the best form of action is to follow your manufacturer's guidelines and use the software and tools they provide to you to check the cartridges. Most printers come with software packages where you can test the print heads and realign the print heads and test ink jets. But, if you find that none of these solutions offer you a solution to your problem, then there might be some other reasons for it. Often, print cartridges can dry out, especially if they've been left to sit for some time. So, one trick that people use to reuse ink cartridges that have been set for a long time, is just to soak the very bottom of them in warm water. What that will do is, it will moisten up the pads that the ink is delivered through. So, you want to do that just for a couple of minutes, if the printer cartridges have been set for a long time and have dried out. Often, just reseating the printer cartridges will fix the problem. Most printers nowadays, especially ink jet printers, have some electronics on board, and those electronics have connection that connect on both sides, a little chip inside the printer cartridges itself. Sometimes something can stop one of those connections from working properly, especially if the printer cartridge has been in for some time, and been left sitting. So, just take the printer cartridges out and reseat them, and run through your manufacturer's guidelines again. My name is Chris Noble. Thanks for watching this video on troubleshooting printer cartridges.