Video transcription

Hi my name is Nathan McConnell. I'm a paramedic and EMS instructor in Brunswick County, North Carolina. Today we're going to talk about how to give CPR to infants. One of the things we're going to need when we give CPR to infants is a pair of latex gloves. The first step in giving CPR to an infant is to check the victim to see if they are conscious and to do that we tap the bottom of the victim's foot to see if they're conscious. If they are not conscious we'll go from there and we'll do a head tilt, chin lift and look, listen and feel to see if the infant is breathing. We are looking to see if the chest rises and falls. If there is no chest rise and fall what we're going to do is we're going to give two quick breaths. At this point we are going to go and start with our compressions. We find the center of the victim's chest and we start with compressions using two fingers and we give compressions at a rate of 100 a minute and we do them for one third to one half the depth of the chest. After 30 compressions we go back in and give two more breaths. We do this for five total cycles and after five cycles that is when we stop and call 911. With infants it is important that we give two minutes of care before we stop what we are doing to call 911. My name is Nathan McConnell and this has been how to give CPR to an infant.