Video transcription

The first dance you saw was a kick ball change. When you kick out with your right leg and you step right left. Try it again. This is a little faster. 5, 6, 7, 8. That dance move is used with many different forms of style of dancing; hip hop, jazz, and ballet. The next dance you saw was the “crip walk.” When you use your left leg to go out. Slide it on your heel. Then you're going to slide your right foot back. Once you're more advanced in the “crip walk,” you can double your step. One of today's hottest move is called the "walk it out." It's kind of like that old dance "the twist." but you lift your feet and swing your arms all kinds of ways. Another dance I like to do is called "the salute." It's really military like. If your arms go right, your head goes right. If your arms go left, your head goes left. You're going to fall into your left hand with your right elbow. You're going to push out looking back. You're going to come back down into it and come back here.