Video transcription

Hello, I'm Statia Widak and I'm from Plainville, Massachusetts and I love collecting glass. It is my hobby. I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. OK, we're going to take you to the Carnival Glass which is a beautiful colored glass and it has the iridescent color to it which means it's got many colors in one glass. And you have the orange, the yellows, yellow, purple - lots of purple glass. Fenton started the Carnival Glass in 1907. Today you don't see it around. No one is selling it. But in 1930 it was still popular and known for it's beauty. These here, these two would be worth, I would imagine, $50-$60 apiece. And some of them are less, but most Carnival Glass the older it is, the more expensive it is. Very hard to find. You cannot find it anywhere because people that have it, they all hang onto it because it's an unusual piece of glass. You see here's an orange iridescent and the colors in this, and of course the makeup of the bowl, is just beautiful.