Video transcription

You are having trouble with your bicycle shifting? You may need to adjust your derailleur. Hi this is Christian at Mellow Johnny's in Austin, Texas, and today I am going to show you how to adjust a derailleur. First you will need these three tools. A screwdriver, a pair of pliers, and a five millimeter Allen wrench. Then of course you are going to need your bicycle. You will need to run through the gears, and double check to make sure they need to be adjusted. Once you have determined that you will have basically four points of adjustment. You will have a high screw it will have a little H next to it, and that will be the high gear. Aka the smallest one. There will also be a low screw, which will be your lowest gear or the easiest one. Then there is also a barrel adjuster. This is where you will need a five millimeter Allen for cable tension, and then a B tension screw. Usually if you start out by loosening the cable, adjust your barrel until you see just a little bit of that barrel right there. You can grab the pliers to get enough force on this cable. You will want to pull this tight, tighten that cable down. By adjusting this barrel to that point you will actually be able to adjust both fore and after. Kind of this is for just fine tuning the gears. By adjusting tension to the H screw or the high screw you can see the derailleur is actually moving in. Basically this is what they call a stop, and that prevents the chain from actually shifting into the frame causing any damage there. Then you will shift up to the low gear, and the low will basically keep the derailleur from shifting into the spokes. Once you have determined these two positions there will be the B tension screw, which is actually the pitch on the derailleur here. If this screw is not adjusted in properly you will get some rubbing such as this. To prevent that from happen you will go ahead, and screw the B tension screw in, and then once you have got that you won't have any noises there. You can see this particular gear right here rubbing just a little bit, and this barrel adjuster is for fine tuning those gears. You just keep playing with that barrel adjuster until you get those gears functioning perfect. And that is how you adjust a derailleur.