Video transcription

Hi, I'm Randy G, I'm a very proud member of the SPF Family of Instructors. In this video workshop, let's take a real good look at our two most common games, eight ball, nine ball. Let's take a look at how we prepare the rack in these two popular games. Let's list the items required for this video workshop. Number one, as always, we need a pool table. Number two, we have to find the foot spot. Number three, we have o have a set of balls,and number four, we have to the triangular rack that makes them nice and tight. Let's take a good look at some techniques to keep that rack nice and tight. I think the first thing that I like to do is, when I get all the balls into the rack. I like to roll the entire rack, back and forth a few times just to get them lose and clean. Then I move the head ball up to the foot spot and using my four fingers and my thumb on the outside of he rack. I shimmy the balls up and make sure they're nice and tight. Then the last technique I use is, I barely push the rack ahead, maybe a quarter of an inch or sixteenth of an inch. To see if any balls move, before I take the rack off. If they move, I start that process over again. I shimmy them around, then I use my fingers, push them up nice and tight. Then I, first step, just push the rack up a sixteenth of an inch and see if any balls move out of place. If they don't you carefully remove the rack and voila, you've got a tight rack. The common denominator of both the eight ball and the nine ball rack, is one single thing. Let's make sure all the balls are tight, let's make sure each of those racks are compressed as much as we possibly can. I'm Randy G, and thanks for being with me.