Video transcription

Hi I'm Cari Thomas with Santa Barbara Gift Baskets and today I'm going to show you how to wrap a basket. The materials needed are a roll of cellophane, your packaging tape, your Scotch tape and a pair of sharp scissors. The first step is to determine how much cellophane you need. The trick that I like to use is to do triple the amount of the size of the basket. You kind of just eyeball it, give you enough to make a nice tail at the top. These are the cello rolls that you can get in the craft stores, which work just great and do quite a few baskets. You want to lay your cellophane out on the table and put your basket right in the center. You want to pull the cellophane up to the very top and center of your handle and you want to pull it as straight and tight as you can, bring everything to that point and make sure you have a good amount on both the front and the back, pull it together pretty tightly and then if you'd like you can pull the top to flatten out, then take your Scotch tape and take a fairly long piece and then press it down with your thumb and wrap it around as tightly as possible so that as time goes on your cellophane doesn't start to droop down. To close the sides instead of taping down you are just going to use a simple piece of tape at the bottom and for this part we use a shipping tape or a packing tape, have a couple ready on your table so you don't have to let go of your cellophane and lose it. You want to pull it to a bottom point so there's no seam and there's no tape that's going to be showing at the top, take your tape and pull down underneath the basket and do a couple of those and then it's all ready to put your bow on.