Video transcription

I'm Cari Thomas from Santa Barbara Gift Baskets, and today I'm going to show you how to make a fruit gift basket. The materials you'll need are your various fruits, your container, your paper and your excelsior. I think using a bushel basket is a really cute idea for a fruit basket, and fruit baskets are great because they don't cost very much and people enjoy them. They're a great gift to give anybody. So once you have your paper inside, you want to cover it, and then for each fruit you want to make it a little nest. Fruit baskets are great too because they are beautiful, just because the fruit has so many colors. I try to put different colors next to each other. The more you nestle it in there the less it's going to wiggle around. Try to put the apples, the stronger fruits on the bottoms, so that they don't get smushed or arrive damaged, and you can go all the way around the basket with the fruit. If you decide to use grapes, I think they're just really pretty to lay up on the top, and it makes a beautiful gift for somebody. And that's how you make a fruit basket.