Video transcription

Hi my name is Keri Wooten and I'm the owner of Leaving the Details to Me, event and wedding consulting here in Austin, Texas and I am here to talk to you about how to decorate your cake table. Some of the items you might need to decorate your cake table are Christmas lights, votives and candles in white or clear, your toasting flutes and your toss bouquet. Decorating a cake table is something that is a little tricky because you would think you would want to do tons of decoration to bring attention to your cake table where really you want to keep your cake table as simple and as soft and as elegant as you can because you have spent a whole bunch of money on a wedding cake and a groom's cake, you really want your cake and your groom's cake to be the showpieces. So I often tell my brides to make sure that they keep their wedding cake tables simple in color, white or a cream or a soft color and another great thing to do with a cake table is take twinkle lights and actually place them underneath the linen so you make sure your linen drapes completely to the floor and then you just simply place on the floor underneath the table simple white Christmas lights. They are $5 at your local craft store, a couple of strings to ring around your cake table. Another great cake table idea is actually when you place your rental order for your cake tables is to actually ask your rental company to give you one that is on wheels because then when it's time to cut your cake your wedding planner or whoever your venue is and their staff can wheel the cake out on to the dance floor which is a great place to cut your cake because then everyone can see you and you can use whatever decoration you have got going on around the room to use as a back drop and it makes for fantastic photographs. Another fantastic thing to do on cake tables is candles, lots and lots of soft white lighting, simple, clear votives that are inexpensive. You can find them at the Dollar Store with simple white candles to showcase the cake table. Another great thing is to make sure that your toasting flutes are on your cake table and also I recommend using your toss bouquet and one or two of your bridesmaid's bouquets and just gently place those around the edge of the table to give some floral and some color to your cake table and my name is Keri again. I'm from Austin, Texas and I'm here to help you on how to decorate your wedding cake table.