Video transcription

Hi I am Rose Parlato and I am from Caffe Espresso Ristorante Italiano in Buffalo, New York and we are a very unique European restaurant, with European food. And today I am going to show you how to fold a napkin with a napkin. I am going to use a twelve by twelve linen napkin and I am going to start with the seam down. Now this is a very interesting very modern way that I used or learned in Europe and, it is our signature napkin here, and I think it is going to be very interesting to you we are going to make like a little package. So the seam is down and we are going to go up about three quarters of the way, with the seam up now. We are going to fold with our hands, iron with your hands 'cause that is how they did it in the old times, and it gives you a very good clean look. We are going to come up now and we are going to bring up another fold, again see I am making a little fold in the middle and as you can see now the seams are all in its correct order, by starting with the seam down. Now we are going to flip over as we flip over we are going to come across like this and we are going to fold three, just a little ways here, we are going to bring it to the middle, again fold again to the middle. We are going to, fold it three quarters of a way here, and then bringing it to the middle again. By doing this, you have a little package going on here which is an little area to put your fork, and your knife. It keeps clean, you can also carry it and have everything all together and it is just like very very interesting.