Video transcription

Hi, I'm Steve Anthony, a professional photographer with In this clip we're going to talk a little about how to clean SLR mirrors. First, a bit of advice, if you think you have some debris inside your camera, probably a better idea to bring it to a professional, have them clean it. Now if you try to do it yourself, and you end up doing some damage to your camera. It's going o cost you a lot more to have that damage fixed, than to have somebody to clean it professionally. But if you're going to do it yourself, the things you're going to need are, an SLR, a lint free anti-static cloth and some cleaning fluid. I've already put some cleaning fluid on my anti-static cloth. And what you want to do is, very, very gently, in a gentle circular motion, just wipe the debris off of the SLR mirror. Being very, very careful not to dislodge any grid or anything that will fall inside, of the camera. A lot of people like to use a blower brush or some compressed air. That can be dangerous because that can just blow the material around inside the camera, it can end up on your CCD and do a lot more damage. So an anti-static cloth will sort of absorb the dust or attract the dust to it. But using very, very gentle, very, barely touching the mirror at all, be very careful. But like I said, better idea, bring it to a professional. I'm Steve Anthony and this has been how to clean SLR mirrors.