Video transcription

Let's take a moment and talk about how to hit a golf ball. Well I've got an opinion on that one too. I don't believe you hit a golf ball. The golf ball is not your target, when you say hit a golf ball you're making the ball the target, the ball just gets in the way. Your target could be the fairway, could be the green could be a lot of things but it's not the ball. I like to see my pupils work on and improve their swings. Back in the 50's, early 50's, they came out with a system called "The Swing is the Thing" and it's still popular today with a lot of teachers because most teachers teach that, they teach their players how to swing the club better. So if you're going to have fun just remember the ball is not the target, my target is out there. So I'm going to take my grip, I'm going to walk up, I'm going to aim the club, square my body to the club and then I'm just going to make a good swing. Then I'm just going to walk to to the next shot. Thank you for joining us today. I hope you get with your golf professional and improve your game. Thank you.