Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tracy Prentiss of Montague, Massachusetts, and I'm going to show you how to make a family tree using Microsoft Word 2007. You'll need to start in a new document and then you'll need to go to your insert tab on the ribbon, in the illustrations group there is a button marked smart art. When you click on smart art you'll have access to many different types of diagrams. A family tree is a hierarchy and what you want to choose in hierarchy to do a family tree is your basic organization chart. That's the very first choice. Once you have selected that click OK and this will give you a sample organization chart with a text window to enter in some texts. Type the head of the family in the first box, the box that hangs off to the side of it represents the spouse so for that box you would type in your spouse's name and then you have the names of your children. If you don't have three children do not despair, you can get rid of a box by clicking on it and pressing delete on your keyboard. Smart art will automatically rearrange the boxes to make room for it. To add a spouse to one of your children for example you would click on their box so that it is selected and up on the ribbon you would go up and click on add shape, add assistant is what we use to add spouses. I will then go ahead and put in the name of my child's spouse. To add grandchildren you would click on the child who has the grandchild of yours, go up to add shape in your ribbon, click it and what you want to do is choose add shape below, type in the name of your grandchild. To add additional grandchildren click back on your child and add more shapes below. To change the appearance of your family tree up on your design tab in your ribbon you can choose a different smart art style that will change the appearance of the boxes. The change colors button to the left of that will allow you to change the colors used to represent your family. Continue to add relatives and there is your family tree, and that is how to make a family tree in Microsoft Word 2007.