Video transcription

Hi, I'm Melissa Seykoar with A Village Of Flowers in Nashville, Tennessee and I'm going to show you how to dry a rose arrangement. This was a bride's maid bouquet or bride's bouquet and we're going to tie it up with some wire and just create some things to hang it with and we're going to just wire it to make a hanger and hang it upside down. So to dry it we're going to leave it put together; hang it in a dark, dry, cool place and the roses will just hold their shape. They will lose their color a little bit. Another way that you can dry your roses is by taking the whole thing apart and individually putting each rose in a silicone base that will preserve the flower. Either way they'll keep your memory for a little longer. If you are wanting to preserve your bridal bouquet, you might want to choose flowers that dry well such as roses and a different kinds of fall flowers that are more thistle-y or suck; you know more; like Achillea; you've got Celosia is a very pretty flower that dries well. But you wouldn't want to pick high water flowers like Hydrangea; they would not dry well at a ll.