Video transcription

Hi, I'm Melissa Seykora with The village of Flowers in Nashville, Tennessee. And I'm going to show you how to make a six rose arrangement. I'm going to use hydrangea as a base. It's kind of our favorite base flower. Then I'm going to add roses. Roses that are long stemmed have a really dramatic effect, so you're only want to, going to want to trim off about an inch from the bottom. But you always want to trim your flowers before you put them in water. To make sure that there is no blockage or air bubbles in that causes the flowers to not be able to drink the water. So I'm going to turn my arrangement. Kind of set up the roses in about different quarters. So I'm trying to have the tallest in the center and then I'm adding the different levels. Every time I turn my arrangement. So line up your stem, give it a nice cut. And you just carefully put the stem in the hydrangea, cut off any leaves that are damaged. And just keep that center rose as your tallest...tallest flower. This is my last rose and then I'm going to fill in with some greenery. I'm going to add some hypericum berries into kind of the open spaces without making it too cluttered. Always take off the foliage. It's a very traditional arrangement but it's also very romantic. It's still very popular. We also can arrange the roses in a short vase and that's a little more of a contemporary feel. There's about three to four stems of hypericom. And you want to peel off any petals that are damaged in the shipping. And then we're going to add just a little bit of pitt at the bottom, just a little greenery variation. That's a simple half dozen roses.