Video transcription

Hi, my name is JD Studenberg. I'm one of the bar managers here at Jimmy Maks Jazz Club in Portland, Oregon and today we're going to talk about making a Tuaca Lemon Drop. Tuaca is one of my absolutely favorite liqueurs; I love to drink it by itself; you can drink it with soda; you can drink it over ice. You can drink it anyway which way from Sunday and every time it's oh so delicious. It makes great lemon drop as well and actually what we make here at Jimmy Maks is what we call the Portland Trolly Car in honor of the Trolly Car that runs outside of our front door. And essentially this name comes from a sidecar. Now, we're going to kind of backtrack a little bit here with cocktail knowledge and history. A sidecar is actually a drink that's made from brandy with fresh lemon juice and fresh orange juice and a little bit of tripe sec as well. In the case of a Tuaca Sidecar or the Portland Trolly Car that we're doing; or actually I'll say Tuaca Sidecar to begin with; you would replace the brandy with Tuaca. That's what Tuaca essentially is; it is just a brandy of a multitude of different flavors and herbs and fruits as well; predominantly vanilla and apple and apricots; is one of the things as well. In the case of the Portland Trolly Car we juice it up a little bit by replacing the Triple Sec with Grand Marnier which is a very very potent orange liqueur. So again that would really orangy, vanilly, vanilla y flavor and it's just yummy. But in essence it is still a lemon drop because your basic ingredient, your basic flavor ingredient is lemon juice. So the same concept applies; we're also going to have a sugar rim so the feel and the look and the presentation will look very much like a lemon drop as well. So let's start from the basics. As we talk about we're making a lemon drop, we're going to start off with a couple of cubes of sugar; get things started because most Americans like their drinks to be sweeter rather than sour. So in my case I would typically use no sugar in this; just orange and lemon juice; lemon juice being the primary; but we're going to start with some sugar her so people can kind of have a base to start from. As you're experimenting in home though feel free to try making this cocktail without it 'cause it really doesn't need it; there's enough sweetness in the Tuaca already. But experiment with yourself and see what works. Okay; two cubes, two cubes of sugar and then a mixture of lemon and OJ. This is primarily lemon juice. The ratio on it is about one ounce to three quarters of an ounce; that's lemon juice OJ. So just enough to cover sugar cubes. We're going to get a muddler up; crush that sugar up. You want to help it to dissolve when you shake it. Plenty of ice please; almost filled that up. Then get out your shot goal; nice Martini shell. We're going to rim this one. Now we talked before making a lemon drop about rimming this with a lemon because lemon is the primary ingredient here. However, with this cocktail because we're using Tuaca and we're also going to be using Grand Marnier in this and orange juice is prevalent in this drink as well; we're going to rim this with orange 'cause this will actually back off the flavor and make the, the sugar rim just like the sweeter instead of being tart. So rim the glass with orange, then sugar; shake out the excess sugar and you have a nice sugar rimmed glass. That's what a, in old classic cocktail terms, they call that frosting a glass. Go back to re-treader; Big Sky The Bartending, you learn a lot; got this great great great guide. Okay, so we got our base lemon and OJ and a little bit of sugar in there as well. We have two other things here to work with; these being Tuaca; This is an Italian liqueur. As I said earlier, it's one of my favorite things to drink. It is a brandy that's made predominantly with apples and apricots, peaches and there's a lot of vanillas in here as well. The actual recipe itself is fairly secret; I'm sure you could probably find it if you want to line look it up. The bottom line is that it's just delicious and it's good by itself as well. So we're going to add about two ounces of Tuaca to this cocktail; just like so. Then, instead of using Triple Sec which what you would normally use in making a lemon drop; we're going to use Grand Marnier. Grand Marnier is an orange liqueur. This is a bran, this is a brandy of Triple Sec. So you've taken Triple Sec and you've actually put it on a crack. That's the way I like to call it 'cause it's really really intense in flavor. So this again, because it's so intense, you don't need a lot of it. You're only going to add about a half of an ounce of Grand Marnier in this cocktail. Okay, get your shaker up. As always, get a good firm seal 'cause you don't want it to explode on you. That's embarrassing. I've had that happened to myself and it's not fun. Shake it well. You have sugar in there you need to dissolve. Break your seal and strain this up. We've rimmed the glass in orange, you're going to garnish this with an orange as well. And that for all intensive purposes, is a Tuaca Lemon Drop. Here at Jimmy Makz we call that the Portland Trolly Car.