Video transcription

Hi, my name is Michael Stewart. I'm the Director of Coaching for Miami Premier Soccer. In this clip, we're going to show you how to properly put shin guards on. Shin guards are of different types. Old school shin guards mostly have the straps and the strap-arounds, and you put 'em around your ankle...I mean on your shins. I'm sorry. Stuck 'em in the socks, and you wrap 'em around and strap 'em. But as we go along, we've noticed that there's different types of shin guards. Over here we have Nicole with a pair of Nike shin guards that you just basically stick inside your socks. Now as the game goes on and the movement's going, that shin guard may come out of the sock, which would cause a problem for the referee, because now you're out of equipment and proper use. Over here, the accepted one would be what Ashley has, which has sleeves. If you notice, there's an inner piece, which is a piece of socks, piece of material mostly made of microfiber from different companies, that goes on under your socks and then you stick the shin guards into it. And you notice this young lady over here, Sarah, has a different method. She sticks the sock...the shin guards into the socks as Nikki did afore, but it's reinforced with tape. In this situation, she's using electrical tape. She tapes it around below, and then she would also tape it at the top which will keep the socks...the shin guards from moving around the socks, holding it in a good spot. It's very important that people understand that shin guards are to be placed two fingers, you can use your fingers, supposedly two inches from the ankle and you should have appropriate shin guards for your age. In Nicole's age, she will have what's called junior shin guards. They're smalls. In Ashley and CeCe's age, and Sarah, they have to have what's called large shin guards. In CeCe's situation, these shin guards are too small. For her size, her height, she would probably use these type of shin guards for her feet. This has been Michael Stewart. Thank you very much.