Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I'm going to talk about how to trim Desert Roses. Now a Desert Rose can either be a rose that grows in desert conditions or it can be the plant called the Desert Rose which is called Adenium. Adenium is a tropical plant from Asia and it is related to Jade. The best time to prune Adenium is in the end of Winter early Spring before it's got its new growth for the next year. It has got to be treated as a house plant in cold climates and it can be outside in warm climates. You don't want to trim it more than one third and you just trim out any of the wild spikes. Trimming Adenium is similar to trimming a Desert Rose if you live in the desert. So the best time to trim a rose if you live in the desert is in the middle of Winter so any time it's dormant and a lot of times it will still be growing through the Winter if you live in a warmer climate. So then all you're doing is pretty much thinning it out and you don't want to thin it out more than one third at a time. So you just want to cut out any of the medusa-like spikes and you want to cut them out where they meet another leaf and you cut them out at an angle. So what I'm doing to any of the bottom suckers that are coming from the bottom, I'm trimming down, pretty much really going for the medusa look and making it, just giving it a hair cut and evening and you're just giving it a haircut and making it more even and you want to trim out any of the spent flowers and it will encourage new flowers and basically yes, you're just giving it a hair cut and you're making it more uniform. The best part about trimming your roses is knowing that you are going to continue to get flowers through the Fall and even Winter in the desert, they're so beautiful.