Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we are going to talk about how to grow seeds faster. Now seeds will grow on their own time. They need heat, they need some moisture, and they need some light generally. So in order to make to make the generate a little quicker there is a few tricks that you can do. Now number one is heat them up more. So whether you start them indoors in a sunny window, or you start them in a sunnier spot, or you put a heat mat underneath heating them up will generally get them to start a little faster. Now you can also make a mini greenhouse. So if you start plants in any type of a plastic container that you are recycling like this cake container, and you actually put a top on top of it it will create lots of moisture, and a lot more heat, and the seeds generally will come up much quicker. If you start them in seed trays too, and put them in a sunny window a lot of times just by starting seeds in seed trays first you can get them to grow a little bit quicker. And you want to make sure that they have got the heat, because they are not going to grow any quicker in a cold place. But outside of that there is really not a lot you can do, but you can make mini greenhouses or make a cloak, which is basically a jar like a glass bowel put it right over your container, and then it will make a mini greenhouse. And that too will make your seeds start quicker.