Video transcription

Hi. This is Yolanda Vaneen and in this segment, we're going to talk about how to plant grass from seed. Now, a beautiful lawn is everyones goal. And the easiest way to sustain a beautiful lawn is to add grass seed every spring and every fall. And if you do that, then you usually don't have problems with weeds and you don't have problems with the grass dying and you can sustain a beautiful lawn organically without using any chemicals. And here's a few tricks. No matter what you have for soil underneath it's always wonderful to put some nice compost or potting soil, a nice blend on top. Something that the grass seed can grab on to. If it's hard as a rock, the grass can't grab. And if it's just sand, then the water will go right through and there will be absolutely no nutrition. So by just adding a little bit of compost on to the top of the area, even if you have a lot of weeds in the area, by adding some compost and grass seed every spring and fall, it'll fill in real nicely. So you just sprinkle the grass seed over the area and then just rake it in some more. And when you're watering a new lawn, try to mist it. Don't use heavy, heavy pressure because the seed and the soil will just wash away. But if you mist it real well until the grass is set, then it will come right up and then it will make a nice lush lawn that you can enjoy all summer long.