Video transcription

Hi, this is Kevin Battersby with in Coconut Creek, Florida. In this clip, I'm going to show you how to add weight to your golf club. Weighting your golf clubs for the woods and the irons can be a little bit tricky and different, but we'll go through it in this clip. Essentially, if you have an iron club, there's two ways to add weight to the club. The sell a metal weight which has magnetic tape, or tape on the back of it, where you put it on the back of the face and try to align it up between the toe and the heel, equal distance, so that the tape goes straight across there. Another way to add some weight to an iron club is you'll take the grip off, and they'll throw...and they'll put some iron filings down there that go into the bottom of the hosel. This can add weight. You can add as much as you want, and then they'll tap it down and make sure it stays there. A lot of times, you'll hear those weights moving in your clubs. When you take the club back, if you hear it, one of your weights has come lose and you need to go to your local club repair shop and have that weight, either put back in, or just take it out and find out what your weight is. But, I would probably recommend that you, when you first buy your clubs, you try to avoid putting weight in the club, because it's a tricky endeavor. Now with the wood clubs, fortunately they've come out with some new techniques. My Mizuno driver, here, has weights here in the back. It's called the Fast Track, and they're set, they're numbered from one to six. I can move these little pieces, here, either way. And what the weight does is balance the club. As I move more toward the toe, it makes the face close faster. As I move it towards the heel, it makes the face stay open. I have this actually set for no draw or hook, I have it set for straight. But, you can see the weight, here. You can also use that magnetic tape, or that lead tape, as we call it, on your woods. And you'll put that at the back of the club. If you want to get creative, you can also counterbalance it, put more on this side, to make the ball move left to right. Put more weight toward the toe to help the face of the toe close over, which is actually the same effect as these weights in here. But I'd probably recommend you buy a club that's already done like that, that you can adjust easier than the metal weights. This is Kevin Battersby showing you how to put weight on your golf club.